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vendredi 4 janvier 2013

Sore Knees – Weekly treatments of Massage Therapy can help osteoarthritis in the knee

Researchers from Duke, Yale and Boston Medical School were among the team that has provided firm data to support significant benefits for patients following a plan of weekly 60 minute Massage Therapy treatments using a specific form of Swedish Massage.

The benefits included significant reduction in pain, less swelling,  increased flexibility, less stiffness and faster time in walking fifty feet on a level surface. These benefits applied to patients with osteoarthritis in the knee and also to those recovering from knee replacement surgery.

The benefits were measured at the end of 8 weeks of Massage Therapy treatments and again at 2 months, ( approximately 9 weeks) and lastly at 4 months. The benefits continued but diminished. Researchers concluded that periodic maintenance treatments of Massage Therapy would seem to extend the benefits. 

When selecting a Massage Therapist you are advised to confirm that the Massage Therapist is Registered with the legislated College of Massage Therapy in your province (Canada) or with the Association in your jurisdiction that is an active member of the Canadian Massage Therapist Association (CMTA).

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