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vendredi 11 janvier 2013

Optimal Dose of Massage Therapy to Reduce Pain and Increase Function

Massage Therapy usually feels good but how often is often enough to be effective: reduce pain, increase function. Duke University conducted a study to discover what is the 'optimal dose' of massage: a 1 hour Massage Therapy treatment weekly or two 1 hour treatments weekly or four 30 minute treatments weekly.

The study showed that a 1 hour Massage Therapy treatment weekly was just as effective as multiple sessions per week. That means that the patient receives an effective treatment to reduce pain and increase function that is also cost-effective. 

However, like dosage in chemical therapy, where some patients need 20 ml and others 45 ml, some take the dose daily, others every 4 hours, Massage Therapy treatments must be delivered at optimal times for optimal results. 

A reputable Massage Therapist will design an effective treatment plan to provide the best results. Patients are advised to confirm that the Massage Therapist selected is Registered with a reputable Association. In Canada some Provinces legislate and enforce standards while other jurisdictions rely on Associations. Those Massage Therapists who are members of Associations allied with the Canadian Massage Therapist Association (CMTA)  have met the highest professional standard.

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